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King James Version of the Holy Scriptures.
When Queen Elizabeth died in 1603 the Crown passed to James I, who had been King of Scotland for 37 years as James VI. Several months after he ascended the thorn of England he AUTHORIZED a new translation of the Bible to replace the Bishops Bible. Forty-Seven of the Best Hebrew and Greek scholars of the day were divided into six groups: Three for the Old Testament, Two for the New Testament, and one for the Apocrypha. (which was remove from the holy Bible in the 1700’s by the Protestant church). Two of the groups met at Oxford and Two of the Groups met Cambridge and two at Westminster. When a group completed it’s task it’s work was submitted to 12 Men, two from each panel. Final differences were settled at a general meeting of each company. In case of special difficulty, learned Men outside the board of revisers were consulted. Marginal notes were used only to explain the Hebrew and Greek Words to draw attention to parallel passages.

King James


Ivan the Terrible



St. Nicholas



King David



King Solomon



Beethoven Was Moorish and He’s Black 



Mozart also Moorish




Iconoclast of Christ the Black Messiah being repainted as white Christ in Russia

Iconoclast of Christ the Black Messiah being repainted as white Christ in Russia Icons



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