The King

“I am Not Sent but unto the Lost Sheep of Israel” Book of Matt 15:24 (KJV)

John the Revelator was instructed by the Messiah what thou seest, write in a Book. (Revelation 1:11) the Only reason to write something in a Book is to Bare Record of Something. For those out there that think it doesn’t matter what Christ Looks Like are WRONG!!! If it didn’t matter he would have never told John to write it in a Book. In case you are Lost read the Entire Scripture (Revelation 1:10-18)

Hereby know ye the Spirit of the GOD: Every Spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is Come in the Flesh is of GOD 1 John 4:2-3

The King is Coming

“GOD gave instructions on how to Study the Scripture”  Book of Isaiah  28:9-13(KJV)

(Psalms 119:1-16)

The Curse of (Deuteronomy 28:15-68) Only Fit One Group of People on the Face of the Earth and I am a Prophet to teach you and bring you back to your Nationality your Heritage back to the Laws, Statues and Commandments of the Most High GOD of Israel and His Son and Our Savior Jesus The Christ. The Laws are not done away with .  Read (Matthews 5:17-20) what did the Lord Christ Fulfill, Answer Book of (Acts 3:18 Precept

 twelve tribesscroll - update

17 Nations Scroll2

GOD Said that we will worship other gods of WOOD and STONE! Lets Get the Precepts for that.

Deuteronomy 4:28/ 28:36/ 28:64/

wooden_cross other gods of Wood and stone serve other gods of wood and stone

“For He Cometh and preacher another Jesus”  2 Corinthians 11:4


Cesare Borgia the model for the white Jesus the son of Pope Alexander VI which was painted by his nephew Michael Angelo

Cesare Borgia the model for the white Jesus the son of (Rodrigo Borgia) or  Pope Alexander VI which was painted by his nephew Leonardo Da Vinci



Force to worship this image


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